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  • Why You Should Buy a New Mattress for Each Baby

    When welcoming another baby into the family, it may seem like a cost-effective way to use hand-me-downs from the older child. However, when it comes to cot mattresses, it is a better idea to buy a brand new one for the new baby.

    Here are some reasons why it's best to spend more money buying a new mattress, than run the risk of certain health hazards:

    • Comfort
    • Good spinal support
    • Hygiene
    • Safety Standards
    • Baby's general health

    Recent medical research suggests that the risk of cot death is increased when a baby sleeps on a mattress which has previously been used by another baby. One of the most likely reasons is that bacteria is found on used mattresses. By purchasing a new mattress for each baby in the family, you significantly decrease the bacteria exposure.

    Besides buying a new mattress for your baby to decrease the potential risk, parents can also follow a couple of safety tips:

    • Always have your baby sleep on his/her back
    • Do not cover your baby in too many layers

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