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  • MummySG's Supermom of the Month: Alicia Cho

    Hey Mumbers, our MummySG's Supermom of the Month is back! Thanks to all those who inquired and wanted to be featured on our humble website. Certainly, this really inspires us to give you the best!

    This month, we are featuring a very familiar face, once featured on Strait Times! She is a Supermom for oh-so many reasons! She manages to invent extra hours in her day for juggling kids, housework, wifey duties, and her job. But despite the many things she has to accomplish- no matter how tiring they are- If given the chance, she still wouldn't change a thing. Meet this month's Supermom: Alicia Cho. Be inspired with her story:

    "My name is Alicia Cho, 31, and a mother of 2 to Sophie Loy (girl), 5 yrs and Ian Loy (boy), 3 yrs old.
    I am a full time working mum who also runs an online store called My Mini-Me.

    I started this as a hobby because I love to dress up my kids! Hence, the idea of running a home-based online kids costume rental store came about. I realised that commercial costume rental is very expensive. I used to rent outside for my company's Dinner & Dance and it would cost me $50/rent. Hence, I thought of an idea to offer mums out there a cheaper alternative. This helps mums to save money as they do not have to buy an expensive costume just for a 3-hr birthday party. Check out our rates and different costumes on our website.

    My hobbies are reading magazines, online shopping and managing my online shop. I do not have a helper at home, my hubby and I do everything together. We survive on a once-a-week part-time maid who does the cleaning of our house. Everyday, we would do the laundry and bathe the kids once we fetch them from childcare. It's tiring but we are hands-on parents. At night when they sleep, I will start doing my online store stuff, like, packing of orders, replying to enquiries, etc.

    Hope to be of inspiration to other mums out there If I can be a full-time working mother with no helper while running an online store, for sure, you can do it, too!"

    The rest of Mummy Alicia's interview is on the next page...

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