Hi. I am selling the following:
1) charlie banana reusable diaper+12 inserts (retail price $149.99)
2 box of reusable inserts- 12 pieces (retail price, each box cost $20)
1 roll of diaper liner- 100 sheets (SGD20.00)
Note: All of this are under utilize. I am selling it because I dont't want to use it anymore. too tired to do washing. prefer using the disposable diaper.
Selling price: $150.00 for all.

2.) jumperoo- fisher price- jungle them design (retail price $260 something)
selling price: $160

3.) bumboo seat with tray- lilac color. (bought from diapers.com)
selling price: $50.

if interested message me at this number so that I can send you a photos. 91110392.