Say bye bye to ipad. Chinese + English encyclopedia for kids. No need to bring whole book along. Just bring a sheet of paper out for to keep your kids occupied! Amazing little stuffs for your kids! Retail price $159.90. My launch price $89.90! (Price will increase after CNY!) Pink colour pen available.

1 Cognitive chapter 2pcs
2 Pinyin chapter 2pcs
3 300 words 4pcs
4 English 2pcs
5 Math 2pcs
6 Reading poetry 2pcs
7 Story Chapters 2pcs
8 Songs 1pc
9 Three Character Classic, each one ( 4pcs )
10 Story Card
11 Piano Card
12 Reading Pen
13 Magic Sticker 1pc
14 Lanyard
15 Sing + Bedtime Story Card
16 Eraser + Pencil
17 Sticker
18 Audio book " A Hundred Thousand Whys " 5pcs
19 Big Wall Map 4pcs

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