Dear All,

I have a new brand pack of My Dentist's Choice Tooth Wipes up to let go at $7 including free postage. My boy can brush his teeth with tooth paste now. Handy for those baby who are teething because these babies would love to bite on anything. They can't brush or rinse their mouth yet. And we can't use the normal wet wipe to clean their teeth and mouth as we do not know whether it is safe. Hence, these tooth wipes come handy as they are specially for teeth and mouth. Early oral care for formula milk babies are recommended because of the sugar in formula to prevent tooth decay at a young age.

Am willing to exchange it Gain IQ/Pediasure sachets, NTUC vouchers, Size XL diaper pants or anything useful to my 3 children. Pls pm to discuss items for exchange if keen. Thanks & Regards