Rocking chair cot with melody with remote control

Used for about 1 week, but my little dont't really fancy it . Item is still very new and in working condition . Similar to the one Combi is selling . This is also from Japan .

This can be convert from a chair to sleeping cot with multiple height adjustment .It features an auto rocking motion ( using remote control or control panel on the side ) and it plays melody to make your little one goes to sleep .

Unused Accessories includes Mosquito Net , Chair Table and remote control . Comes with a power adapter as well too.

Since my Little one dont't really like this, no point me keeping it too . Item is as good as brand new . I bought for $400 plus.
Looking to let go around $250 region.

Pls sms / whatsapp me at 90900682 if interested to know more. Pls do not PM me or message me in here as I seldom log in to check . Sms or whatsapp me instead .


for pictures pls go