Baba Luna Baby Carrier ( CLASSIC )

The Baba Luna Baby Carrier is a revolution in design, comfort and simplicity!! The Hammock style is perfectly shaped to support a newborn's developing spine, while providing essential closeness and bonding for both parent and child!

The Baba Luna Baby Carrier is So SIMPLE to use that it can be shared with grandparents, older siblings, friends and even baby sitters!

What's more, the unique buckling system allows the wearer to simply unbuckle the carrier without disturbing a sleeping baby!


* Designed to carry babies and toddlers ( 0-2yr+ / 2kg - 15kg )
* Has 5 different carrying positions + 2 breast-feeding positions
* Adjusts in SECONDS.
* Made from 100% Cotton that is both durable and breathable.
* Machine washable at 40 degrees.
* Tested to Safety Standard BS EN 13209-2: 2005 Soft Carriers

** Recommend by Midwives, Healthcare Professionals and Osteopaths! **

Used only once. Washed clean and well kept.

Philips AVENT storage system for easy storage

Cup for milk storage

The Philips AVENT storage systemis a versatile, space saving storage system designed to grow with your baby.Use the same cup to store breast milk and baby food for your baby.

* Easy to use, store and transport.
* For use in fridge/freezer
* Leak proof.

* It fits all Philips AVENT breast pumps and nipples.