Dear Mummies,
I have the following Bellamy’s and Raffertys Garden Organic Baby Food directly imported from Australia. Have extras and would like to let go selling them at cost!

1. Bellamy’s Organic Baby Rice 125g (for 4 months+): SGD 7.00
2. Bellamy’s Organic Baby Porridge 125g (for 5 months+): SGD 6.00
3. Bellamy’s Organic Apple Cinnamon Baby Porridge 125g (for 6 months+): SGD 6.00
4. Bellamy’s Organic Brown Rice Pasta Stars 200g (for 7 months+): SGD 7.00
5. Bellamy's Organic Apple Snacks 20g (for 12 months+): SGD 5.50
6. Bellamy's Organic Apple and Pear Fruits Snacks 20g (for 12 months+): SGD 5.50
7. Raffertys Garden Organic Baby Rice + Iron 125g (for 4 months+): SGD 4.00

Interested, please pm me!