Would you like to receive passive income every month consistently?

And spend the rest of your free time doing the things you like to do in your LIFE?

Reccession-prove income?

If your answer is "Yes", then I would like to have the honour to place my candy vending machine in your prestigious shop/mall. It will be a split revenue partnership. I will handle all refilling of candies and plastic bags, servicing of machines and counting of money collected. All you have to do is sit back, relaxed and enjoy the sound of money coming in!
And only go back and top-up and collect your $$$ [you]Once or Twice a month [/you]! And spend the rest of your free time doing the things you like to do!

No power required for the machine !
You should be getting back the cost of machine in just 1 LOADING!

We also welcome referral, successful referral will be rewarded

We have a few new & used machines which are in great condition 9/10 going CHEAP !!!

New machine @ ONLY 500
Used machines @ ONLY 350


[you]4-in-1 Candy Machine Features: [/you]

HYDRAULIC Height Adjustable CHROME metal stand (for expensive look)
Add-on built in electronic coin counter built-in inside every machine on every coin mechanism
Shatter-resistant polycarbonate globe
Adjustable setting to dispense your selected volume of candy
4 Top-quality, all metal SGD $1 Singapore coin mechanisms
Easily accessible secured coin box with lock & key
Body Color: WHITE w/Silver Chrome trim (no other colors available new) All other colors available for used machines)
Price includes a CHROME metal stand for expensive look

Machine Specifications:
Dimensions: 50H x 21W (including stand)
Capacity: Each canister holds 2.5KG of M&Ms peanuts! - Lesser Top-up Freq from you!
Coin capacity: $800
Empty Weight: 28 lbs (50 lbs with stand)

PLEASE ONLY SMS ME @ 8 444 66 FIVE FIVE and i will get back to you.