I have bought this baby wedge online delivered from Australia. Used only once. Selling about Aussie$170 after delivery charge. i will let go at $100 nett. comes with white and baby blue cover.

See below for the product information:

Babywedge is an elevation and stabilisation support pillow for mother and baby. babywedge is natural baby care, a unique baby product for your home or when travelling, helping babies, toddlers and parents for:
Newborns and Infants
Infant Acid Reflux (pediatric acid reflux, gastroesophageal reflux, reflux disease, gerd)
Flathead (plagiocephaly)
Tummy Time Assistant
For use as a rest station
For use as a Travel Wedge Pillow

Pregnancy, Birth and Post-Pregnancy
Fully adjustable wedge pillow for comfortable side sleeping whilst pregnant
For Lumbar Support when breast feeding
wer and Middle Back Support for use when holding or playing with baby
Labour Assistance / Massage Pillow for help to relax during birth
Driving Wedge Pillow / Back Cushion