Just redeemed some SEA Aquarium tickets from my Credit Card rewards points and I am not going for the time-being hence now letting go at good prices!

- 5 pcs SEA Aquarium Adult Tickets at $25 each (UP: $38) - save $13

- All tickets expire on Jan 2015. (You have 6 months time to decide when to go! Flexibility)

- Valid EVERYDAY including Holidays period, Public Holidays, Weekends, Weekdays, Peak and Non-Peak period

- Basically, you can use on any dates between now to Jan 2015!

- These are physical tickets which means you can enter directly! (You can avoid the long queues buying tickets from their booths!)

- These are Adult Tickets but Child can use too!

Please Email me at sale853856@hotmail.com and state the following if interested:-
(1) SEA Aquarium = ____ Qty
(2) HandPhone number (SMS/Whatsapp)
I will text/sms you soonest to arrange collection location and details.