baby stuff:
1) baby organizer(3 size & 3 colour)
2) Washable cloth diaper/ cloth diaper insert
3) Headband/Tiara Girls Headband Rhinestone Hair hoop / hairclip
4) Knee cap protection- To protect their knee cap for getting hurt
5) Wet & dry Waterproof diaper Bags for Mummy Handbag Carrier Storage Bag Organizer.
To prevent yr handbag/bag to get wet with all the baby/children/yr own stuffs. This waterproof diaper bag organizer can ease yr problem
6) Pacifier clip for baby
7) Wet tissue(Tollyjoy)
8) Ballon(Disney)
9) Playmat(Preloved)
10) baby girl gift set
11) Education Y-pad toys(good for gift too)-
Electronic education Y-pad toy for children
There are 2 colour available- Pink/blue. This is using battery hence no radiation.
Replace this education toy wit yr I-pad now.
What can your children learn fr this Y-pad?...
-pronoun 42 words(Apple, Bear & more)
-recognise picture
- 26 alphabet letters
-no 1-10
-Asking mode(Yr children need to find out the correct word that the Y-pad asking)
-6 special words and different sound
- 2 different songs
-Do Re mi
12) Socks for Baby
13) Insect repellent(Smiley face)
14) Mamil gold stage 3- 900g
15) Handkichief

pse refer to the link for picture. Please note that are few items i still yet to take photo. If keen can email/sms me.

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