baby stuff:
1) baby organizer(3 size & 3 colour)
2) Washable cloth diaper/ cloth diaper insert
3) Headband/Tiara Girls Headband Rhinestone Hair hoop / hairclip
4) Knee cap protection- To protect their knee cap for getting hurt
5) Wet & dry Waterproof diaper Bags for Mummy Handbag Carrier Storage Bag Organizer.
To prevent yr handbag/bag to get wet with all the baby/children/yr own stuffs. This waterproof diaper bag organizer can ease yr problem
6) Pacifier clip for baby
7) Wet tissue(Tollyjoy)
8) Ballon(Disney)
9) Playmat(Preloved)
10) baby net rocker(Preloved)
11) baby girl gift set
12) Education Y-pad toys(good for gift too)-
Electronic education Y-pad toy for children
There are 2 colour available- Pink/blue. This is using battery hence no radiation.
Replace this education toy wit yr I-pad now.
What can your children learn fr this Y-pad?...
-pronoun 42 words(Apple, Bear & more)
-recognise picture
- 26 alphabet letters
-no 1-10
-Asking mode(Yr children need to find out the correct word that the Y-pad asking)
-6 special words and different sound
- 2 different songs
-Do Re mi
13) Socks for Baby

1) Bra chip
2) Bra insert for sports bra/tube
3) Eye Shadow Powder Pigment Colorful Mineral
4) Washable nursing pad
5) I-phone 5 screen protection
6) Clothing(no sleeve)
7) Cardigan(Short/long)
8) Hp cloth to clean hp screen
9) Body shop lotion
10) Key holder

Pse refer to the link for picture.

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