Hi Mummies,

Selling BRAND NEW PIGEON Nipple Puller for inverted/short/flatnipples for S$8!!

Convenient and safe, the PIGEON Nipple Puller draws out inverted nipples easily. What's more, it also massages the breast to 'open' mammary glands, thereby making breastfeeding so much easier.

NEW PIGEON Nipple Puller with case for inverted/short/flatnipples committed to breastfeeding BPA Free
Product Description
For mothers, the head should be cleaned before use hand and squeeze the nipple of the breast, especially around the nipple to the breast pump, tire cover. The rubber ball to squeeze it. Do this several times until it is in normal breast before feeding the baby. For mothers who breast normal. The pump should start before the baby is born. Because it allows the baby is in a state of readiness to feeding your baby.

Bulb Natural Rubber
shield Polypropylene

  • Brand New (with plastic in box)
  • Bought but soon realised I couldn't breastfeed
  • Self Collection or Post (postage not included)
  • SMS 9145 4754 for fast deal