8.5L Digital Pro Electric Boiler (Seagull Brand)
Bought this to be used during confinement period mainly for showering. The main usage is to boil herbs used to shower.

[you]I find it very useful as it:[/you]
- boils to 100 degree celsius within 30 seconds then the system will automatically return to previous temperature setting (eg: off).
- boils 8.5L at one go. No multiple boiling required. The amount of water is sufficient for one shower.
-Has a release lever to release water directly into the pail. No carrying required.
- Has a Jacket protector, for protection against hot surface.

[you]Other features:[/you]

-LED screen displays temperature
-Digital temperature control, the smart microprocessor controller is designed to keep the temperature consistent during boiling
-Automatic turn on mode, which can set for max 9hrs 59min
-Security screen lock and unlock to prevent accidents
To Note: Hubby bought this all the way from Thailand, so the plug is thai but a converter can be used and it will be usable in SG.
Only used for 1 month, 9/10 condition as there are some watermarks inside the stainless steel pot.

Bought for THB6000 (Approx S$240). Asking S$120. If you are interested please SMS/Whatsapp me @ 9199 3384.