Here is a review of the hand blender (the one you are buying is the picture on the right, where there are 2 pictures side by side):
Kenwood Triblade HB724 Hand Blender Review :: This Mummy...

And here is a picture with descriptions of the exact model you are buying:
Triblade Hand Blender HB714 from Kenwood Singapor

It was a gift.

The only items I have taken out from the box to use are triblade and beaker. I used it only once, and I specially bought fresh wheatgrass to use it. But because I'm not into drinking wheatgrass, and I no longer need to make mushy foods / soup for my baby (the gift arrived late), I have no use for it. Rather than let it collect dust in the store, I would like to offer it for sale at $70. The rest of the items were not removed from the original packaging.

The good thing about this hand blender is, it is very easy to wash (run it in a little soapy water and then rinse).
It comes with original box and packaging.

It is good for you if:
  • You make soupy stuff for your baby and you want to blend the ingredients well with the soup
  • You enjoy fresh wheatgrass juice
  • You cook with fresh herbs (like Jamie Oliver)

Please PM me if you would like to own the hand blender!