want to sell - Brand New Hitachi Rice Cooker 1.8L (Save 33% Off)

Retail :- S$239
Selling :- S$159 (Save $80 - 33% off)

Comes with unfilled warranty and comes sealed in box.

- Model : RZ-DMA18Y-RE
- Super Deluxe 1.8L, Fuzzy Control
- MICOM, 1000W High Power Slow Cooking
- New menu - Brown Rice Porridge & Sticky Rice Steaming
- Thicker Special Black Inner Pot 1.5mm
- Poly Flon Coat
- Rapid Cooking
- Steam Cap/Tray

Deal at Sengkang or Tampines
Email : babypig99@yahoo.com.sg with contact number and name.

Selling as
Hitachi Home Electronics

Hitachi Home Electronics - Perfecting the Art of Rice Cooking