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Details as below -

Comply with the standard AppIe hardware detection, intelligent protection circuit, safe and reIiable for your Apple to provide continuous power, to make life wonderful everywhere.

● Large capacity battery, up to 2400mAh, for the iPhone4/4S charging about 1.5 times.
● Abundant interfaces, and supports a variety of universal mobile phone charging interface, quick and easy.
● Charge cycles: 500 cycles after the power is still up to 85%
● Real capacity: 2400 mAh
● Cell type: Lithium
● Input: DC 5V/0.5A
● Output: DC 5V/1A
● Input: micro USB B input interface
● Output: USB A output interface
● Stocking temperature: -20℃-48℃
● Size: 90 x 32.5 x 21 mm
● Product weight (excluding accessories): 73g
Color option:
7 colors (white, black, blue, green, gold, red, yellow)
Time to fully charge a mobile phone:
Roughly needs 1~1.6 hours according to the battery capacity of different mobile phone.
Time to fully charge PS-2400 itself:
A. When using AC-DC adapter (5V/1AUSB output) to connect to power outlet, time needed is 3~4 hours;
B. When abandon using AC-DC adapter and just connecting PS-2400 to computer USB output with USB cable, time needed is 7~8 hours.
● Lithium-ion cell used
● Short-circuit protection
● Over-current protection
● Over-charging protection
● Over-discharging protection
Accessories option:
A. Mini AC-DC adapter---can charge PS-2400 through power socket;
B. USB cable (for both charging and discharging)---can charge PS-2400 through computer USB port;
C. Output tips:
● Micro USB tip
● Mini USB tip
● Tip for Apple iPhone4/S, iPad
● Tip for Samsung Galaxy Tab series & Galaxy Note series
● Tip for Nokia cell phone series
● Tip for Sonyericsson cell phone series
● Tips for other devices like PSP and GPS
Packing option:
● Common safe packing: sponge + anti-static bag + brown box
● Powerseed retailing packing: hard plastic box + color card + sponge
● Customized packing type
● 12 months warranty;
● CE, RoHS, FCC certifified
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