Hi mummies and daddies,
There was a period of time where I thought I would bring a manual pump out to shopping centre to pump out milk for my baby so I impulsed bought 2 manual pumps. But after trying for like 3 times, I concluded manual pumping is not for me.

Avent manual pump is the better of the 2 pump as the setup is easy and usage is quite simple. I managed to pump out like 120ml after 15mins.
Bought from kulily at $89, selling $30. I'm really quite realistic about the price because its a used pump after all.

Medela Harmony works with all my medela bottles, which is why I bought it. I am on the Medela system so I though this manual pump should work the same. But I think it is not as good as the Avent pump. But works well too, as I got 120ml after 15mins too.
Bought from Robinsons at $99, selling $30 too.