Hi mummies, I've got three breast pumps to let go. And a lot of breast milk containers to let go. I need to clear space.

1. 2 X pigeon single manual breast pumps
(Used it a couple of times only due to low supply of milk)
(Each at only $15) will free 15 X 50ml *breast milk storage containers

2. Avent single manual breast pump x 1
@ only $20 (same,used it only a couple of times)
Free 15 x 50ml *breast milk storage containers.

3. 90ml / 45ml / 100ml breast milk containers
Any 30 for $3. Definitely cheaper than the storage bags you purchase outside. Can also be sterilized after used. And reuse.
I have a lot of them.

*(Breast milk containers can be sterilized and reuse)

Self collection at woodlands. Pls PM me for my contact. I can't upload pictures from e mobile app.