Model #17070

Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump features:

- 8 adjustable suction settings and 4 adjustable cycle speeds...allows you to simulate your baby's nursing pattern.
- Unique diaphragm helps ensure milk purity. Patented system protects collected milk from potential contaminants & prevents milk back-up into tubing & pump.
- Dual pumping option...helps save precious time.
- Includes breast pump, AC power adapter (this is a US Charger, you will need something to fit into the Singapore electric outlet), two four-ounce polycarbonate bottles with locking caps and dual HygieniKit.
- Pump operates using AC Adapter (included), Car Adapter (not included) or AA batteries (Not Included).
- HygieniKit Milk Collection System is designed for flexibility...allows pumping into most bottles, freezer bags, or plastic nursers.

This listing also comes with Ameda backpack, instruction manual & DVD.

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