Have a set of (used) Medela Freestyle Hands-free Breastpump for sale.

No more warranty as it's >2 years old.
Condition of item is 8.5/10. You can test it before you purchase.
Of course there will be signs of usage. Give it a clean and sterilize it and it's good to go.

[you]NOTE[/you]: The battery is spoilt. Unit tested with AC power is good condition.

Due to the spoilt battery, I'm selling the whole set at [you]$250[/you].
If you want it with a new battery, add $149 and I'll purchase a new battery for you.
(Subject to confirmation with a little deposit from you)

Photos of actual item is provided below.

Collection is at Bukit Panjang.
Interested, please sms/whatsapp to 8-5-three-three O-O-7-4