ought at Mothercare for $599. Used for a year. Warranty card still not filled up but i lost the receipt. you can try your luck with warranty.
In good working condition.
Made in Switzerland
Original set includes:
-2 bottles, 150ml
-2 bottlestands
-2 bottlecovers
-2 breast shields 24mm
-2 connectors
-1 calma teat (tried once only, my baby does not like it)
-1 totebag
-1 cooler bag
-1 icepack
-orginal paper box

Additional that i will throw in:
-2 breast shields, 24mm (bought at $31)
-2 breast shields, 27mm (bought at $31)
-2 connectors (bought at $49)
-2 big bottle caps, brand new not open
You will need these spare parts! (Or you will have to wash and sterilize the whole set after each pumping section!)

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