Hello mums and dads,

I have 2 baby carriers that I wish to sell away at a super discounted price.

1) Boba wrap (American cloth carrier) in light blue. We have only used it a couple of times and bought it for SGD70 and we wish to sell at half-price for SGD35. You can find out more about the boba carrier here: Baby Wrap Carriers from Boba Wrap, Sleepy Wrap & Ellaroo

2) Aprica Easy Touch Fitte (Japanese baby carrier) in navy solid color (external lining), with checkered design (internal lining). We bought it at Centerpoint for $180 and we have not used it at all, so its completely brand new. We are willing to let it go for $120. You can find more about the carrier here: เป้*ุ้มเด็ก Aprica รุ่น Easy Touch Fitta ( JAP ) - YouTube

Both carriers will be packed in their original packaging.

For those interested, there are a few options to pick up the item or delivery:

1) My husband can arrange to meet with you to pass you the carrier at any train-stop on the East-West line after working hours on weekdays. If you wish to pick-up the item on train stations on the west and central lines, he can meet you between 6-6.30pm. If you wish to pick up the item on the east line, he can meet you between 6.30-7pm.

2) We live in Tampines. If you live in Tampines too, we can send the item to your door or at a location in Tampines of your convenience.

3) I can also post the carriers by snail mail for an additional postage fee of $20 dollars for each item. So $40 if you want both items.

Interested buyers, please contact me over e-mail at hermita@gmail.com.