A baby stroller for sale. Light use for about 6 months then move to ultra-light type. In very good condition, easy 9 out of 10.
Main features:
1) Super big, it is hard to find such big stroller locally. Therefore, I brought this from oversea.
2) Allow change the seat positions from 180 degrees to 90 degrees upright which can carry infant from 1 month old onwards
3) Super big storage cart, which can hold a lot of stuff, mummy bag, small stool and many thing else. Really handy to use
4) Handler can change direction, allow you to push the baby in face to face direction.
5) Half/Full sunshade with brand-new rain cover
6) small tray table, again this is very handy when you are outside and hard to find a place to feed the baby. it can hold milk bottle and small bowl easily for you.
7) Not to thick cushion. I agree the thick cushion provides better protection. However, the weather here is very hot specifically outdoor. This stroller does not come with very thick cushion, it has good enough protection and support. You can easily add additional layer to make it softer and you can take out what you have added to anytime to give more breeze to babies and make them feel cool in hot weather.
Self-collection at Braddell Mrt, thanks
Please contact: 8two8two8four4six if you are interested.
Please refer to the image for the detailed specs:

Here is the photos for the real item on sale:
Upright seat position:

Flat bed seat position:

Half opened sunshade:

Full closed sunshade:

Brandnew rain cover: