Hi everyone, do you have a newborn stroller or pram , pampers newborn or s size , baby cot ,bouncer , breast pump and other infant items to bless?
I am not sure what my sister In law would need , it's their first baby and honestly they are pretty clueless and helpless as well.

I am searching for these items on behalf of my brother and soil for their baby boy in Dec. My bro got retrenched after company's closure few months ago and their financial is really tight. All the money have to go to the hospital bills and check up bills. I hope I can do my part to look for preloved items that you mummies and daddies no longer need.

We have newborn clothes some mummy passed it down, we used to have a pram from a kind mummy but we re-bless it out to another mummy who told me she needed that pram as their baby would be born before my nephew... We have no reasons to be selfish to her.

Be assured that we will not take your items and resell for our own profit. It is truly and solely needed to tide over tough times. If you do have preloved or unwanted baby items to give away pls reply to my ad or send me an email at: loveformynephew@gmail.com
Thank you for your kindness may God Bless You and your family.

Preferably collection area to be at North Area, If you are staying far let me now, I will arrange help form my fiancÚ to fetch me to your convenient place too. =)