Hi, I travel to Malaysia quite frequently and often help parents to bring in milk powders, diapers or other baby items. I can help you to bring back those items at a discounted price as compared to Singapore source. These are the various brands that you can consider.

Milk Powders

- Huggies
- Mamy Poko
- Merries
- PetPet

You can email me at joyfulbabiessupplies@gmail.com or pm for the price. Currently, my child is drinking Enfagrow Stage 3, original flavor and I have ready stock for this. I know some parents are not very sure if msia milk powder is suitable for their child or whether if they will reject the taste, i can always help you to get a small tin/pack to try first. If your child loves it, you will actually be saving a lot in the long run.

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