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Advice on hospital & gynea

This is a discussion on Advice on hospital & gynea within the Year 2014 Mummy forum, part of the Mummy Meeting Place category; Hi folks, We just found out last week that we're expecting! About 5-6weeks only. This morning hubbie & I went ...

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    Advice on hospital & gynea

    Hi folks,

    We just found out last week that we're expecting! About 5-6weeks only. This morning hubbie & I went to KK for a consult in a private suite with Dr Tan Kim Teng. We were unsure whether to go to KK or a private hospital. But I figured we'd try the private suite in KK for a start & see how.

    Anyway..we are both first timers and had no idea what to expect. They asked us straight away if we wanted to deliver in KK. We couldn't really answer.
    Dr Tan was really abrupt. She brought me in the curtain closed area to do a scan. They told my husband to wait outside.
    She didn't tell me how the scan was done. Just said couldn't see anything from stomach and we had to go 'in'. Then she did. Needless to say..it was very uncomfortable.
    Then went thru the checklist of stuff really robotically.

    When we were looking at the scan, they got my husband to come in. We asked if it was normal. She said too early to tell if baby is 'good or no-good'.
    I was really quite taken aback by that. Both of us were.

    I was then carted off the get tests done. We weren't told what tests. Silly coz we had the urine, BP etc done with our GP already. Just few days ago.
    The nurse just looked at the results and told us to go pay & make new appt.
    Paid $130 for consult coz she is head of department

    Thing is we both are really new at this and dont't quite know what the process is. We left feeling a bit depressed and down.

    I'm just trying to figure out if this is normal hospital procedure. Like...its something we just have to accept.
    Or perhaps we should try another hospital. A private one maybe? Or even another Dr at KK.

    Really honestly...any tidbits of advice would help us lots!
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Advice on hospital & gynea

    Hi, congrats. Typically, at your first visit, you will need to take the urine test, do a vaginal ultra-sound to assess the progress of your pregnancy and expected date of delivery (EDD). Your gynae will also speak about any discomfort that you are facing like morning sickness, nausea, etc. and if everything looks like ie. the gestation sac is right size, at about 6 weeks, heartbeat is detected, then he/she will share about subsequent appointments and what to expect like OSCAR test at Week 12, detailed scan after Week 20 etc. The nurses will also explain about the prenatal package.

    Your choice of gynae may affect the hospital coz some private practice only deliver in specific hospitals. I think in general, hospitals are quite comparable except for the prices difference. There are some threads discussing gynae and hospitals in this forum, you should take a look.

    You need to be comfortable with the gynae and prioritize your preference. Good Luck!

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    Re: Advice on hospital & gynea

    congrats Juanved, dont't worry too much, different doctor/hospital do things differently. but I somehow feel that KK is like what you say robotic. maybe because they handle so many pregnancy before that's why they probably automatically thought/assume that you will know the procedure etc..

    Previously i went KK also, not as private, but as subsidise patient so even worse, was sort of usher from room to room to do different test, different scan etc.. and only at last part I get to see a medical officer (aka doctor). Since your are a private suite patient i believe you will do all your scan and test in the doctor room, at any point of time if you have doubt do ask the doctor. if doctor only give you short answer, do persist. I mean seriously you pay a lot more for your consultation compare to subsidise patient.

    Please dont't feel down, but generally if only 5/6 weeks. baby still small so doing the usual scanning probably cannot see any thing, which is why they need to do very scanning. And I guess what doctor meant by "too early to tell if baby is 'good or no-good" its just that baby still too tiny so cannot explain much to you. when is your next appointment? probably 4 weeks later? by then they can do the normal scan and you will be able to see your baby anyway I suppose you did not sign any package with KK right. so dont't worry, if you want to change to a private doc or another doc at KK you can do so. That was what I did, I change from KK to private from week 16.

    If you dont't feel comfortable with your currently doc you can also request to change. but do change early, cos I heard that some gynae will not accept you as a new patient if you are pretty late into your term. At week 12, gynae will schedule you for an Oscar test (for down syndrome). I did my scan at KK, so when i change to private gynae, I ask KK for a set of the report (need to pay) and pass to my gynae. Then at week 20 i went for detailed scan with my current gynae.

    you may wish to google the names of the gynae as i believe forumers will be talking about them. some gynae are very detailed (tell you from A - Z), some are chop chop just tell you want you need to know. So you select depending on your preference. hope that helps!

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