Hi mummies

My baby is 7+ months old and has been sleeping by 10pm with the same bedtime routine for the past 7 months. But after her teething phrase happened, she started to dislike the bedtime routine, and is still very active despite being awake from 5-6pm (I usually dont't put her to nap after 6pm since after 6 months as she tend to be very active if I let her have an evening nap).

She started to sleep through the night since 3 weeks old with the same bedtime routine.

Also, she started waking up once every night for milk.

Do any of the mummies out there experience the same thing? A change in sleeping timing and change in sleeping habits.

Any solution that could help?

Basically she will be so active, until she gets overtired...and cries to sleep. I tried to put her to sleep trying all ways but she scream and kick out.