I had this CL by the name of Wong Lee Toe, usually referred as Lily 姐. DOB: June 1961.

Firstly, she's very disorganized. The kitchen is always in a mess and she most of the time cannot cook the meals on time. She spent most of her time in the kitchen because she was very slow in her preparation. At the end of the day, our kitchen sink would always be choked with food and dining table not cleaned properly.

When she was here, she also drew the line between the chores related to my first child and the baby. For example, she said washing the elder's clothes is not part of her job scope. Even the milk bottles she would only wash the baby's ones. Some days she would even eat her dinner before me, because I was busy with my elder child. Then she would bath and tell my hubby to wash the dishes since she's already bathed, didn't want to get herself dirty. Once, she was even sitting in the hall reading newspaper while my hubby was doing the dishes! After I told her off that day, subsequently, she would then always "urged" us to eat dinner earlier, so that she can wash up.

She would also be selective in choosing the food to cook. She has on several occasions refused to cook some of the vegetables my mom bought because she "claimed" that nobody eats them during confinement. My mom has also caught her pinching my tonics to drink. Her cooking is really mediocre.

The last straw was my mom caught her drinking the herbal tonic she brewed and then later added hot water to it before serving me. After she's left 1 month later, I discover one of my small blenders is missing. Though I've no proof she stole it, I remembered she ever asked me where to buy the blender, because she had the same model, but it spoilt and she couldn't find it in Malaysia.

In terms of caring for the baby, she's not very detailed with cleanliness. She didn't clean the navel or dry the neck properly until I had to point it out to her. On the first day, she asked if my baby was diagnosed with jaundice, I said not severe just mild. After 2 days of sunning, she started giving excuse that my baby seems fine, and even asked me to feed him formula to flush out the jaundice, which is better cure than sunning!

Her SG no is 83529863 and her Msian no is +60146098662

Please avoid hiring this CL if you could and share this with your friends.