Mummies pls help those who have similar experience before.

I had fever in middle of sat night with chills. Fever on Sunday ran up to 39.3 for many hours before going down to 38. Monday morn it went down to 37.5 then slowly with lots of perspiration down to 37.. My nose is super blocked. There's no mucus flow n the more I try to blow my nose the more blocked n thus can't breathe. The sato nasal spray prescribed by GP did not work anymore n I can feel pain when I use it. I can't sleep in any position except sitting up n it took me an hour plus to fall asleep at night. Day time I can't sleep at all. Every position is just not right. N I'm 29 weeks now n can is cramming up to my chest. Chest want to burst. Any advice pls? Only you mummies can understand.