Somebody has got scar after tattoo, it is also called the hyperplasia of the skin, this is a serious problems as to a lot of people, but how is the scar, how should we avoid scar? I'll tell you the reason of the formation of tattoo scar and how to avoid it in the process of tattoos.

The reasons of scar are various. Suah as tattoo guns, a good tattoo guns can help tattoo artist make a great effect. Such as dynamics is overweight, or thorn and the strength of the too big will hurt the skin may appear scar. Contain allergic elements and heavy metals, and the unqualified pigment containing toxic substances can cause scarring. If during the recovery of bad maintenance can cause scar, scar constitution of the people after the tattoo is easier to form scar.

If constitution is no problem, pigment under the condition of fully qualified, the thorn technique and dynamics is also a key reason. General speaking, thorn need to the depth of the dermis is advisable in order to achieve. It can only be better to achieve the color of the dermis particles sedimentation in the skin and not absorbed by the body, so the color can better show up. The thickness of epidermis generally between 0.06~0.1 mm, through the epidermis is the dermis, we according to the reference data to grasp the thorn need to depth will avoid the formation of scar.

In the process of profile thorn to avoid too many times repeatedly stabbed or aggressive profile thorn, so could beat the skin, the skin will be damaged and then too be scar.
On the method of tattoo, technique and strength is the most important. According to the reasons, to grasp it we can avoid the scar, and finished a perfect tattoo.