Would you like to participate in research on children’s language and learn more about your child’s language development?

Join us at the NUS Infant and Child Language Centre as we find out more about babies’ language development! We are currently seeking 17-month-old babies (exposed to English and Mandarin Chinese) to participate in a research project that investigates infants' perception of tones in different languages. During the session, your baby will be seated on your lap and watching a 3- to 5-minute video. During which, we will observe your baby's reactions to this video clip.

At the end of the session, we would love to present a certificate of participation to your kid. As a token of appreciation, we will cover your transport cost to our Centre (capped at $50). We can also administer a standardized cognitive test for your child at no additional cost if you are interested!

Kindly indicate your interest at Participate | Infant and Child Language Centre or email us at infantlanguagecentre@gmail.com to find out more information. We look forward to seeing you soon!