Dear all mummies,

First of all, I like to congratulates to all mummies. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am a financial consultant from Prudential and I like to share this information that might be beneficial to all expecting mummies here. Please take note this is not spamming.

The First Gift that Begins from Within
The first and only offering of its kind in Singapore, PruFirstGift provides guaranteed protection for your child even while he or she is still in the womb.
No other plan begins this early PruFirstGift protects your yet-to-be-born baby and the expectant mother for Pregnancy Complications, immediately upon policy inception, and from as early as 18 weeks into pregnancy. It also helps you give your child a real head start in life even before he or she is born–and plan for his or her future protection needs. Best of all, it also offers you the flexibility to provide for your child’s education and savings needs through investment.

Protection that begins from childbirth
Your baby’s guaranteed protection and investment plan starts from the day he or she is born, without any need for a health declaration. In addition to normal coverage and Congenital Illnesses , your child will also be eligible for selected Hospital Care Benefits.

Double your joy? Enjoy double protection too!
If you’re expecting twins, PruFirstGift offers you the reassurance that both the babies will be covered against selected Pregnancy Complications. Both babies will also enjoy Congenital Illness, Benefits and Hospital Care Benefits.

More information can be found online at PRUfirst gift: Baby Insurance - Prudential Singapore

Please feel free to drop me PM for any inquiry.