Dear mommies (n perhaps daddies too),

Joyous bilated Christmas n Happy new yr to all!
Pleeeease assist with my almost desperate call for help!

I have a 2 mths and 10 days old baby girl; as lovely as she is, n as much as i want to continue to care for her, i need to return work next wk! As a single mom (of cos to many moms who are in couple-hood), this job is utmost important to me, so i have to return.

However, my mom is rather aged now. Can't really rely on her to care for baby for me.... feel this isn't fair to her. Thus, i'm looking for baby sitter~day n night, from Mon am till Thurs/Fri around 730pm. This baby sitter preferable stays at Woodlands or at least at the North South bound train line. This day n night arrangement probably would b converted to day only in few mths' time.

Pls call me at 933 72570 when you know an experienced baby sitter who can do these hours. Appreciate! Thk you n a blessed 2015!