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  • 1 Post By Judy0801

mother in law issues....

This is a discussion on mother in law issues.... within the Year 2014 Mummy forum, part of the Mummy Meeting Place category; Hi all, just want to get some opinions on my issue below; My baby is now 3mths. My mother in law is the ...

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    Jun 2013
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    mother in law issues....

    Hi all, just want to get some opinions on my issue below;
    My baby is now 3mths. My mother in law is the one taking care of him as i have already started going back to work. My question is, are you ok with your in laws bringing baby out without your knowledge? Even if its to the shopping centre just below your house?
    My mother in law says she does not see the need to inform me if she is just going downstairs with baby but i feel otherwise. Although i would be at work and wouldn't know if she brought him out or not, however i feel that as his mum, it is only right that she could at least inform me.
    This has caused me to be very apprehensive not knowing when she actually brings my baby out.
    If you r me will you feel the same way?
    Advice appreciated!

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    May 2014
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    Re: mother in law issues....

    Hi Eleanor,

    mother in law issues are always very touchy…
    Does yr husband see yr pt of view i.e. needing to inform either you or him? If yes, perhaps it's easier for his mum to call him to tell him on the shopping trips than to call you?
    He can text you once he call? maybe such arrangement will be better btw yr mother in law and yrself.
    Hope i help...

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    Apr 2011
    Jurong West
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    Re: mother in law issues....

    depending. to me... dwnstairs nearby is ok. but if need to travel out by bus or car( taxi) etc...going got more than 3hrs.. then yes . I mean even for me.. its kinda boring to stay home with the baby the whole day.. i would like to go out and take a breather... if everyday also call me to inform me then since i wun even say no.. so dont bother. but if baby not feeling well etc.. i would then let her know in advance today best dont bring him out. unless you can not trust her . i mean its hard to 'tie her down' becos she help to to look after. She happy then she will also take good care of the baby. on n off you can just call her... ask her if she taken lunch... baby got naughty etc... also show concern to her .. not only baby. show appreciation. its really tough to look after baby .... so i guess its just normal to think of bringing baby dwn for a walk. as long as she knows what she is doing .

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    Jan 2012
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    Re: mother in law issues....

    sometimes if baby is taken care by relative..it is very hard to be in control of what will happen..

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    Jan 2014
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    give her a break

    She is your mother in law, not your maid... I believe she won't left your baby (her own grand child) unattended if bring go out right... everyday stay at home also bored right... go downstair for a walk is fine isn't it?

    if you r at hm looking after your kid, dont you find troublesome if even go downstair walk walk also have to inform your hubby? since you let her take care then have trust in her...

    if its maid then diff issue ... but she your mother in law ...

    unless she go far far then have to say ... I think only downstair is fine ... she also need to have a walk right... let your child breath some fresh air n see tree also good right...
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    Re: mother in law issues....

    will you react the same way if IT is your own mother that did that ?
    personally i have no problem with it .. if mother or mother in law can take of us / your hubby until grown up they will have experience on how to handle the baby
    beside the grandson is their bloodline, they wont harm the babay unlike maid, total stranger ... that is when it is unpredictable what they will do the baby

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