Like to share my experience with new mummies to be...
strongly recommend this confinement lady who is helping a lot in recuperating & baby care.
my mother in law kind of pulled out the last minute, my hubby & I couldn't cope ourselves, hence, I attempted to
engage a CL last min.
Tried a few agencies, either they couldn't get a CL last min or they will strict with the 28 days confinement period,
however, I only wanted CL for 2 weeks.
got 1 who can start the next day but I was still skeptical
however, she really did a good job. She took very good care of my baby & me, followed me to frequent check ups as my baby was experiencing
quite serious jaundice. Felt that she had the knowledge & skills in handling baby.
cooking is not bad too, as my mother in law does the marketing, she cooks whatever I request or creates her own confinement menu, kept
telling me to rest as I was too uptight about baby.
Most impressive part was she stayed up the entire nite to look after my crying colic baby.
thumbs up for her!
anyone mummies who want a good experience like mine can contact Joyce at 98335511.