Hi mummies, would like to know if any of you are or have experience the same thing I m going through now?
I delivered my daughter 1.5mths back and till now my tummy still look bloated as if I m 3-4mths pregnant. I am skinny everywhere. Hands face legs are all fine, just the tummy part. Worst thing is, it's not like it's loose or sagging like most would be after delivery. Mine is still rounded and hard.
I had a cyst operation 4 days after my delivery and this I wasn't able to do any massage only after 1mth later. The massage did helped alittle.

Anyone knows why I can do to rid the tummy. While I dont't expect a flat tummy, I m definitely upset seeing a bloated one. If you have any super good masseur or suggestions like wearing binder (which brand? How long?) etc can recommend?

i read that I may have diastasis recti split (muscle split at e abs area) anyone had this before? I tested it out myself n it seems that it's exactly what I m experiencing... So upset.