Now for the experience of the shopping service I used for buying products from taobao agent website
First I found the website of by chance and I liked the idea of being able to easily search for items without

the use of Chinese (I like buy form taobao, because all the products are cheaper than others,I can read and write Chinese

but itís not enough to comfortably browse though everything). You can search through specific departments or even for

specific product and easily put them into your shopping cart. After you found everything you need you can go checkout and

pay for the products and shipping after selecting the shipping method. wheretao will purchase the items after you paid for

them and if something is out of stock they will inform you. After their purchase you wait till wheretao gets the items and

then finally sends them out to you. Just one-stops service, i appreciate it.
Hereís a graphic from the site that explains that process:

Below that is the order processing in which wheretao operates:

The great benefit of this is that you only pay once. The downside is, sometimes they have to pay you back because the

estimated shipping cost doesnít correspond with the actual price. But at least you get your money back.
My experience with this shopping service:
After I ordered my items and payed via Paypal I received a lot of emails back and informed items not being available and so

on. They always sent links in the email with suggestions for similar products if one is out of stock! They helped us to

recommend other similar products in patiently. The communication was very quick and reliable. After the shipping cost turned

out to be as much as what I paid they refunded the money. And they handled it pretty quickly. Of the $70 dollar I paid in

total, 30 were for the shipping. The package arrived after 3 weeks in France but the website often sent the tracking

information to me in the shipping processing. This made me happy and forgot anxiously waiting.
All in all I was pretty satisfied with the service, because:
1.Fast communication and very reliable.
2. Suggestions for similar items if some products were out of stock
3. Easy process of ordering and paying
4. You can change the order at any time during the process (before they finally purchased everything)
5. Delivery time was ok! (3 weeks after I ordered everything)
6. Accept many payment methods,like Paypal, Visa card,Master card,even provide Mobile payment, it was so surprise to me.
They also provide the taobao International Forwarding Services. I suppose if you already found items on taobao you can also

just send them the links and specifications, too, especially if you dontít find anything on their own site! Iím sure i will

closed to wheretao again, maybe now.