Hello Mummies,
Have you worried about the cleanliness of the water you are drinking?
Have you felt concern about the water rust, chlorine, acidity and other chemical substances present in the water which might harm your families’ health?
Have you wish to provide a cleaner, safer and healthier water for your family and kids?

Hydroflux is pleased to announce our Residential Water and Health Project!
With our project, you will only need $30/month to get an Alkaline Water Filtration system which provides your child with a clean and safe water!
Our system is able to remove the sediments, chemical substances such as chlorine inside our tap water.
Dial/Text 96225835 to get a filtration system for your household!
Act NOW! One more day you wait, one more day you out your children's health in danger!

Over the Years, there have been more and more Singaporeans who are becoming more health conscious. They understood the importance of consuming a cleaner water which is free from water rust and chemicals which is add into the water for disinfection.

Chemical substances inside the water such as water rust, chlorine ,water acidity and THM compounds can causes physical defects in unborn babies, cancer, heart troubles, senility, lower IQ in children and many skin problems.

Do not underestimate the hidden danger of the chemical substances inside our tap water as we drink it every day and the accumulative effect is critical.