Dear proud mummies and daddies,

there are few guarantees in life, paying taxes is one of them. Here is another, Children's education. So since it's a certain event, dont't you agree we should plan well for it?

As a parent, you certainly want the best for your child. And that includes giving your child a bright future with the best university education you can afford.

But did you know your child's university education could cost over S$500,000 in 20 years' time?

For most parents, the escalating cost of higher education may come as a rude shock. Whilst a local university education is projected to cost well over S$100,000, a degree course in the USA could cost a staggering S$352,738 by 2025.

Although many education experts stress that our children will need a higher level of education to compete in the global economy and ensure job success, the fact is the alarming cost of education could be a painful drain on family finances - or even worse - saddle a young person with crippling debt.
That's why it is crucial to start saving for your child early - ideally from the time your child is born.

Click here to download the research paper on the future cost of university education in Singapore and overseas.