Dear all,

If you can afford it, upgrade your baby's hospitalisation insurance from basic shield to an enhanced shield plan. The plan should be as charged, without sub-limit on ward charges or surgery each day. Basic medishield is meant for use in class B2 and C wards in public hospitals and will not be adeguate treatment in private wards and hospitals.

Of course having basic Medishield is still better than not having anything at all. It is recommended that an upgrade be done for the baby right from the start. You may think, what's the hurry? But the longer you put it off, the higher the risk of developing a medical condition that may caused ineligible for an upgrade to a better plan later

As medical insurance is very sensitive, not everyone is eligible to get one. if a person with any pre-existing condition, he is no longer insurable for that existing illness. So stay insured when you are still healthy.

I was lucky that I got my only son an upgraded shield plan early. He was admitted to hospital at 4.5 months old due to urinary tract infection. I was very worried but at least I do not need to worry about the medical bill as it was taken care by his shield plan.
If you want to know more about enhanced shield plan, please feel free to sms me at 94881104. I can email to you the brochure.

Please note that the first two paragraph is taken from strait times article