Hello all parents!

I am Samuel, a final year NUS student majoring in Electrical Engineering. You can view my full profile here
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Having a strong interest in education in Singapore, I started a new website with my friends,

Welcome! | Witsvale™

Currently there are Mathematics questions for students preparing for PSLE in Singapore. The website aims to attract student's interest by integrating social elements and rewarding them with badges and scores when they do practices. There is also an adaptive engine which gives questions to suit student's proficiency and the difficulty of the given questions will vary according to the student's updated proficiency as the student completes each question.

It is free, so do try it out and please help to spread the words. I do hope that the website can help PSLE students to score well in Mathematics.

Any feedback will be very much appreciated!

Thank you so much.
Welcome! | Witsvale™