Lessons at Ksq. Mathelogy have begun for the brand new term.

Sign up now! We are committed to help your child to do their best in Math for semester 2.

At Ksq. Mathelogy, lessons are conducted by ex-MOE teachers who have years of experience and know the syllabus very well. We

- use engaging activities to help your child understand concepts.

- provide free learning resources for your child (assessment book, in-house worksheets)

- conduct our lessons in a very small group of a maximum of 4 students.

- provide termly assessments to monitor your child's learning and for us to rectify any doubts your child has.

- provide constant communication with parents on your child's performance through topical feedback.

- open up our centre from 2 to 4 p.m. every weekend for free for our students to bring their school's Math homework or any other Math related enrichment books to us for guidance.

Visit our website at www.ksqmathelogy.com to get more information about us.

Alternatively, give us a call at 96230972 or 91375182 to find out more about our tuition services.

Do not delay in sending your child for tuition if you think he/she needs help as Math concepts are consistently built on right from P1.

Ksq. Mathelogy