Wassup Everybody! Calling out to the funky mums who want to get back to work and have no one to take care of your kids (4 to 5 yrs olds) then have no fear cuz SHAKE! is here! I am publicizing for a new American Concept Playgroup, jointly developed by muah and will be led by MOE certified teacher who just came back from the states. This program is developed by an American Doctor in Education who happens to be a Singaporean before. Its an Awesome New Concept for Kids - Total Mind and Body Featuring Edutainment Learning! We are looking into a Themed Playground and Learning Centre with 8 kids only, from 8am to 6pm, Mon to Fri, With Child Care Personnel for Showers, Diaper Change and Super Nutritious Food! Project will kick off in a couple months so if you are interested drop me an email or call me for more info.