Hi there! This is Christopher Chye, CEO of Fanfares.

Having graduated from Hwa Chong Institution (both College and High School) and earning double Honours in Bachelors of Accountancy and Business, NTU, I know just the right techniques to motivate your child towards excellence!

I would firmly assert that distinguishing oneself in school and in one's future employ no longer rests entirely on grades - knowing how to present yourself has taken on a fresh spirit of importance.

I founded Fanfares with the primary objective of empowering the community with the art of showmanship, and helping Singaporeans vanquish their crippling fear of speaking up for themselves!

After winning international champions at the L'Oreal Brandstorm Marketing Challenge 2011 and being crowned National Most Outstanding Presenter, I crystallised a powerful curriculum that equips people from all walks of life with the skills to become masterful presenters, compelling orators and persons of infectious charm!

Through this thriving enterprise, I have transformed management executives into inspiring leaders who energise their teams, sales representatives into eloquent persuaders who establish lasting rapport and students into wordsmiths who breeze through their examinations.

Today I am gratified that my growing bases of returning clients have found new leases of life that swell with confidence, and no longer feel incarcerated by their past linguistic limitations.

And I wish to be able to do the same for you and your family.

I invite you to view the online brochure by clicking on the following link, and hope to hear from you very soon!


Showmanship is an artistry that never goes out of style.
Let your words walk your extra mile.

Christopher Chye
Founder & CEO of Fanfares
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Fanfares | Calibrated Showmanship

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