Research on Children's Speech and Language Skills

Researchers at National University of Singapore (NUS) are conducting a research study on children’s language skills and their story-telling abilities. The study will take around 40 minutes. If your child is within the age range of 7 to 9 years old, and you are interested to know more about your child’s language skill (English), you and your child are welcome to participate!

In the study, you child will be asked to:
· Complete a vocabulary test
· Tell two stories from two picture story books
· Complete a block building puzzle

* Note: no.2 and 3 tasks mentioned above require video-taping of the child’s speech and behaviour.

As the parent, you will be asked to:

· Fill in a short survey about your child’s demographic and language background information, and your views about parenting practices

Every participating family will have
· FREE assessment of your child’s vocabulary size!
We will provide you with feedback on how large is your child’s vocabulary size compared to other children of the same age.
· S$25 reimbursement for your transportation cost to visit the laboratory at NUS.

Interested parents may contact our research team at or call Mr. Zhou Yu Qi via 96269393 (HP).

The University Laboratory is located at:
Department of Psychology
National University of Singapore
9 Arts Link, AS5 04-30
Singapore 117570

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