Monsters Under the Bed has been running successful workshops across Singapore for over three years, and participants have improved dramatically in areas of creativity, confidence and expression.

We hope to see you, and we are certain you will find the experience a fruitful and memorable one.

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All the King's Horses | Ages 4 and 5

23rd November 2010 | 10am - 12.30pm | Singapore Mgmt University

Appreciating classic nursery rhymes through storytelling, fun and games. Let our experienced trainers engage your child in discussion and help them visualise stories in rhymes!

All the King's Horses | Age 6

2 December 2010 | 10am - 12pm | Singapore Mgmt University

You know the nursery rhymes, let's meet the alternatives! A worthy workshop to hone imagination and creative thinking, and to get your kids talking and sharing about stories! An excellent introduction to critical thinking- was Humpty really an egg?


25 November 2010 | 10am - 12.30pm | Singapore Mgmt University

A fun session with read-aloud rhymes and animal stories to enhance listening and understanding skills. Each child will craft their very own animal mask. An excellent introduction to reading for comprehension.

Young Reader | Ages 5 and 6

30 November 2010 | 10am - 12pm | Singapore Mgmt University

An introduction to reading- let's talk about books. Someone writes it, someone illustrates it. You read it! Apart from storytelling and fun activities, we'll be talking about the role books play in society and touch on the proper care of books.

We also have workshops for other age groups and also Parent & Child! For more details, contact our Programme Developer, Harlina at 6100 4363 or!

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