(Enrollment for September class.)
Dear parents,
I am Ms Chen, a previous school teacher specialize in coaching English/Humanities Subjects. I have 4years of teaching experiences in schools and taught in both Anderson Primary and Victoria School. After teaching for 4 years, I have decided to be a full time tutor providing group tuition/ 1 to 1 tuition.
Location of tuition: Ang Mo Kio Block 541
*Group tuition of minimum 2 people and maximum of 6 people
A test will be conducted to determine your children learning style; 'tactile, auditory or visual' to help enhance your children learning*progress. A assessment will be conducted on the first lesson to help identify your children weakness and strengths.
Listed below are the subjects available:
very* Primary 1 Primary 6 English
very* Primary 3 Primary 6 Sciences
very* Secondary 1 Secondary 4 English
very* Secondary 3 Secondary 4 Geography
Tuition fees:
Primary 1/2 *********************** $12/hour
Primary 3/4******** ************** $14/hour
Primary 5/6************************ $16/hour
Secondary 1/2 ***************** $20/hour
Secondary 3/4 ***************** $22/hour
*All prices quote are for 1 subject.
Kindly email to mschentuition@hotmail.com if you have any enquiry.