The Easiest Way to Learn 3000 Chinese Characters in 3 months!

Would you like to learn Chinese characters easily? Please try the revolutionary method. Click on the following button in the flash and the Chinese characters will come to life. Only a few seconds are required to learn these characters.

1.How to download and try the software?
There are two versions: a free version and an activation version. To try our method, please download the free version with 25 characters.

free trial version downloading links:

You are strongly recommended to download this trial version and play to your child, to see if he/she like to watch this animation. After sometime studying, you can check how many Chinese characters your children can recognize. Then you can decided whether to purchase this full functional copy.

The activation version contains 3300 simplified Chinese characters. Users need to buy an activation key to run it.

In both versions, each simplified Chinese character has an animation to illustrate it and an animation showing order of strokes. There is a standard chinese audio played to help you to pronounce. Corresponding English words for each Chinese character are listed as well. 3300 common simplified Chinese characters contained in the software can completely cater for the learning requirement.

2 How much for a full functional copy?
The official price of the software is USD$199, at the present time the official publisher gives a promotion for USD$129, further more, Singapore distributor managed to get a further introductory promo for USD$99, around SGD$119 for a limited period.

3 How to get an activating key:
Download and install the program of 3300 Chinese characters, run the program and click on “OK” button, and then a page like that will pop out:

Attachment 62038

Highlight the whole “Hardware fingerprint” , copy the content and paste it to the e-mail to us. Usually, your payment will be confirmed and the activation key will be emailed to you within 2 working days. Once you get an activation key, just past in the key in box and activate it. Every PC has different Hardware fingerprint, a key is available for the corresponding PC and still available after reinstall Windows.

if you need any help, you can contact